Nethack is a computer-role playing game. You seek the amulet of Xendor which is at the bottom of the dungeon of doom. Between you and the amulet are many obstacles. Monsters, traps and hunger.


While working on the Qt 4.7 port for the N900 I ported over NetHack for Qt4. The generic Qt/KDE port of NetHack is based on Qt3 and that is really really outdated now. A version of this port can be found at Gitorious It "should" still build, but those of you that know NetHack also know, that building it is an art.


The before mentioned port of NetHack also runs on the N900. It also can be found at Gitorious

Qt Quick

I am also working on a Qt Quick port for NetHack. It is currently a work-in-progress. The idea is to use this version as a test-bench for the different QtQuick components. Currently I am trying out the Symbian components. It not ready yet but also can be found at Gitorious (all under different branches)

Maemo 1

I have ported Nethack to MAEMO (Maemo homepage). First Maemo device is the Nokia 770.
Note: This version is only working on the old Nokia 770 with the old SW. Download Nethack for newer devices from
For my version I used the gtk2 port from Mihael, but did a lot of changes. You can download it here and the sources are here.

You could say that Nethack is similar to Diabolo. It is, but more.
I always wanted to wear shoes in Diabolo, or dip my sword in an energy potion. Why doesn't scroll burn when you get caught in a fireball? What happens with your plate armour if you get caught in a water bolt?
Nethack answers all this questions.

Dungeon of Doom

This is a picture of me and my pets in the dungeon of doom. As you see on this picture the graphics are not the state of the art, but you can also see a lot of what Nethack is. The dungeons are generated every time you start the game. You can see some things lying around and you can also see an altar (to the right of me).

As an example I tell you a little bit about what you can do with the altar.
First you can drop items on it. A flash of light will tell you if they are blessed or cursed.
Then you can offer corpses to your god. Of course the altar has to be one of your god. If you offer something to other gods, your own god will get angry and punish you. When you offer corpses your god will bless you, or even give you some artifact.
Then you can drop a potion of water on it and pray. Depending on the altar you will either get holy or unholy water. Holy water is very usefull. You can drink it to cure lycanthropie or other harmfull things. You can dip things in it to bless them or remove a curse. Yes very usefull indeed. If you get stuck with a cursed totaly corroded chain mail shirt. Or dip a scroll of identify in it to identify more items.
At last you can convert altars of other gods to your god by praying.

As you can see Nethack has so much to explore or discover that you can play it for years without end. If you want to know more to to the official Nethack homepage. Nethack runs on almost every unix, on Atari, Amiga and even Windows and Windows NT.

At last here is a picture of me and my friends in the gnomish mines. You can see the tame master mind flayer and the tame disenchanter. Yes, tiger is my favorite. When he is hungry he start sucking the brain out of shopkeepers with his tentacles. Yum...

Ralf in the gnomish mines

Additional notes

Ralf was killed in Gehennom by a soldier armed with a cockatrice corpse, but finally one of his successors managed to make himself a God. Read all about my first ascendency in here.