There are not that much distinct and individual terrain ideas. The terrains I know are grassland, desert and rocks. For 40K there are additional jungle and city. And there is the ice-scape. The plan is to make a army of ice-elves and they need, of cause, the correct terrain pieces. I also needed a little bit of practice in snow-making, so that I don't spoil the models later.

Normal terrain

To I started with a small terrain piece with some rocks. The rocks are made out of styrophore pieces, covered with a mix of glue, plaster de paris, colour and water. The base is made out of thick cardboard. The ground was painted with glue and sand and small stones.

A little snow guide for our Australian friends. Snow falls from the sky, but can also been blown around. So you can have quite big snowdrifts. Grass doesn't die under the snow unless it get's really really cold.
Then I painted the whole. To give some contrast later on I colored the rocks with dark colours, they should look like dark granit. First paint black, then drybrush with gray and white. The ground is painted with black and drybrushed with brown and white. For a little more contrast I made some patches of gras with static grass.

Letting it snow

First I tried a can of instant snow I buyed somewhere. Wow, it looked very good, but after some hours the snow started to melt. Upps, the writing on the can noted that the snow is water solvant. Not good. Then the snow kept being soft which is not that good for a piece of terrain that everybody want's to touch.
So I started an other try with more common materials. For the snow I used a mix of glue, plaster de paris, sand and white paint. I then applied this mix carefully over the places wher I wanted the snow to be a little bit highter. After that I grabbed my spray can of primer and sprayed a thin layer of white unevenly from above. At last I used a window paint with glitter in it to make the snow sparkle a little bit (I got this paint from my homebuilders market).


For special effects I got the munition of hot-glue-guns and a small candle. I warmed the glue over the candle and then tried to make small icicles, which looked extremly good.

And now have fun with your winter wonderland.

Last updated September 11 2016